website consulting & construction

Creating a compelling, actionable, and interactive website is challenging, and I provide solutions and consulting to companies looking to create more engaging sites.

I built, manage, and designed Dave Mitchell Coaching


The Blue Ridge Church commissioned me and a friend to overhaul their current webstie to make it more actionable and direct. This is a New Website Design I created for them to suggest changes they could make to accomplish their goals. The newsletter opt-in section of the footer puts them into an email-marketing drip campaign run through mail chimp.

I created this site in college as a landing page for people to register for, learn about, and donate to the Program I founded: Running Water.

As an intern at art & eden I developed this site to suggest changes to communicate their social impact in a more streamlined along with their products. I also developed a portfolio of marketing opportunities that can be viewed here.

I have also done SEO and coding work.

multi-channel advertising

While working with the Blue Ridge Church, I created, developed, and managed multiple channels for drawing in visitors to our church community.


For the campus Ministry, I utilized paid Facebook advertising to promote our, "God and Science," event to reach over 1,400 people. Roughly 20-25 new visitors came to our event, while previous events had only drawn 1-5 new visitors on average.


I also managed and converted The Blue Ridge Podcast from purely informational, into an opportunity to connect with us online or in person. The podcast gets roughly 25 listens per day, but no one was using it to capture the market, so I created a musical and informational intro and outro for the podcast that gives listeners our website, times, and locations.


I've also created drip campaigns, landing pages, and done list management on Kajabi and Mailchimp. On one project, I worked between Disciples Today and Dave Mitchell Coaching to develop content, a landing page, and a capture opportunity for a list of over 35,000 people.


I understand Facebook advertising and have helped to grow pages like Running Water and Blue Ridge Campus Ministry through content creation and paid or unpaid advertising.

platforms i'm proficient 


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Google Analytics


Final Cut Pro

Google Suite Programs

Microsoft Programs

Facebook/Instagram Advertising (paid/unpaid)