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First Single Out Now!

Jaiser Al O Bc

Did you see the sadness?
In 2004?
A haunted abandon
A sulfane ghost

An unsettling madness
A valent attraction
A smile and a napkin
To wipe off my teeth

Who's the deceiver?
heel hip and a cleaver
Fear folds the believer
don’t want to go home

Tell me, what are you seeking?
Because what I’m believing
Is I’m caught in the ceiling
Afraid and alone

I was wearing a vest
When they made that arrest
Straps made of plastics
Hands of strange men

Was it all for the better?
Or were you the fetter?
Or were you the tether?
A rope in the rung?

When hang harrows to hung
(And I’m a ruse in the sun)
when the wrestler’s wrung
(When you see all I’ve done)
Will I be undone?
Or will I overcome?
(You will by my son)

Now I’m 24
And I’m feeling better
Beersheba’s a wrestler
Brother of God



About The Song

This track explores the writer's personal wrestlings with faith and depression from childhood and centers on his experience being placed in a straight jacket during that time in a children's hospital.


Layered with Biblical imagery, dystopian synthesizers, and a melancholic guitar line, this song will leave you desperate yet energized at the same time.


This is part 5 of a 7 part visual concept album entitled: Bound.


Who We Are

We are an indie/alternative band based in Bloomfield,  New Jersey that has been working on a visual concept album entitled Bound for the past two years.

We're currently fundraising to create the visual component of the project that will accompany the music.

We're about making meta art that makes you confront life's big questions:

Is life all for something?

How could you really know?

We're excited to have just released our first single and there is much on the way!

Enjoy everything


The Hopesos

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