dmc promotional video

This is a recent promotional video I filmed, edited and produced for Dave Mitchell Coaching. 

cause-based video promotion

This is a video application I sent to charity: water which helped me to get accepted into their ambassador program. It shows some of my caused-based video promotions. I produced these videos but did not film them.

event-based social media promotional video

I created this video for the "Blue Ridge Campus Ministry" Facebook Page I manage and it organically reached 2,630 people, drew 253 reactions, and 32 comments to a page that was drawing almost no traffic. I planned and produced this video, but did not film it.

artistic storytelling video

This was a video aimed to playfully capture a trip to Lewisburg I made with some friends. I filmed, edited, and produced it.


ito documentary

I did all of the cutting, editing, and production of this short documentary. The filming was executed by several peers, namely, Dan Feldman and Josh Lane.